The 'Yes I Can! Recital' is a pilot project. It aims to promote music performance and appreciation. It puts young performers into a concert setting to share their music and gain performance experience. It also offers an opportunity for students to widen their scope, learn from other performers and deepen their understanding of music.
Yes I Can! 音樂廳」是一個試驗計劃,旨在推廣音樂表演和欣賞。活動讓年青人在一個現場音樂會的環境中,與大家分享音樂,爭取演出經驗。這更是同學擴闊眼界、互相學習,以及培養音樂觸覺的好機會。

Yes I Can! Recital 2014 >
More than 30 of the Yes I Can young talents performed at Yuen Long Theatre on 6 May. You may watch and listen to the highlights of the recitals in August on TV and Radio.
Yes I Can! 音樂廳 2014 >
Yes I Can! 音樂廳30多個隊伍於5月6日在元朗劇院舞台上發揮了他們的音樂才華。精華片斷將可以於八月份在電視和電台節目欣賞得到。