Consul General Series - 秘魯駐港澳總領事Sergio Manuel Avila Traverso

I’m very pleased to meet today with Serina Ha in the Cultural Garden program to greet all HongKongese people who are listening to us.


1) What is the most significant culture or festival of Peru?


The most significant activity in Peru is called Inti Raymi, it’s the activity of the Sun. We celebrate in the 24th of June. It’s like the Peruvian New Year. In the Indian region, it's very significative.


2) Are there any celebrations in HK?


Well, unfortunately, only here in the consulate. We remember and celebrate a little bit with our host. But the peruvian community is not so big in Hong Kong. Unfortunately, we cannot gather the day sometimes. It’s working day, you know.

可惜只有領事館才會慶祝, 因為在港的秘魯群體族裔人數較少,而且有時候節日日期恰巧碰上了工作天,所以未能慶祝。

3) So what is the best thing you like in HK?


Well, everything in Hong Kong is cosmopolitan. I think Hong Kong is a cosmopolitan city. You can speak in English or other languages. You can meet people from all over the world. It’s an important financial centre.


4) Any trendy slang?


In Peru, we have many slangs. For instance, Asado. When you say Asado, In English literally means roasted, that is specially used when you are very sad and angry.


So what about (very happy)? How to say?


( Estoy muy feliz ) I’m very happy. I think it is not in the slang, It has a word. For this, it means happy.

開心應該沒有一個俚語,我們有一句叫Estoy muy feliz ,意思是我很開心。

5) Significant or national flower in Peru?


Our national flower is Cantua. It’s a red flower and very beautiful. It's an Indian flower and raised at around three thousand meters above the sea level. The red color is very intense. It was not since thousand years already that it was chosen to decorate the pets and other facilities.

我們的國花叫坎塗花,紅色的非常漂亮,是一種印第安花,主要在3000米海拔以外生長 ,早於1000年前坎塗花已被選為寵物或其他設施的裝飾品。

6) Can you explain the national flag of Peru?


Our national flag is red and white. It was a dream of one of the generals who declare independence of Peru. We have our national shield, it is with the vicuña, the Quina tree and the cornucopia.


7)Significant animal of Peru?

秘魯有名的動物 ?

It’s Alpaca. It's very well known of its fiber. The hair is very soft. It's because of the hair, we can make very nice tissues of fabrics out of this fiber. Most of the population of alpaca is in Peru.


Please explain this beautiful decoration in your office.


Around 80% of population are catholic. In October, it is the month of the Lord of the Miracles. We are very devoted into this image, so we always put some candles in October. This one is Retablo, made in Indian-Peru region, it's nothing related to religion but only decorative. As The Lord of Miracles is the main image of Peru, so lots of people are going to the church and praying, therefore we put up the candles.


秘魯駐港澳總領事Sergio Manuel Avila Traverso