Consul General Series - 印尼駐港總領事 Ricky Suhendar

Hi,everyone! My name is Ricky Suhendar, the Consul General of the Republic of Indonesia in HK.

大家好,我是印尼駐港總領事Ricky Suhendar。

1) Can the Consul General please introduce some festivals or events of Indonesia to us?


Indonesia is a very diverse country. We have more than 17000 islands, 500 ethnic groups and also 300 languages and dialects. Talking about the festivals and celebrations, since we are a big country, there are a lot of festivals. One of the most popular festivals in Indonesia is Nyepi, which means the Day of Silence, so the festival commemorates in Balinese New Year. The meaning of Nyepi itself, like I mentioned, is Silence, fasting and prayers. So during that day, most of the people in Bali don’t perform any work. Normally they switch off the lights at home and they try to reduce travelling.

印尼是一個非常多元化的國家。 我們有17000多個島嶼,500多個族群以及300多種語言和方言。 所以說到節日和慶典,因為我們是一個大國,所以有很多節日。而印尼最受歡迎的節日之一是靜居日,Nyepi的意思是寂靜日, 這個節日是在巴厘島新年時期舉行的。 正如我先前提到,Nyepi本身的意思是沉默,禁食和祈禱。 因此,在那天,巴厘島的大多數人不做任何工作,而且通常他們在家會關燈,並試圖減少出差。

2) So are there any other festivals or events you want to mention to us?


Yes, there are a lot but there are two other events that I also want to share with the audience of RTHK. Since Indonesia is a big Muslim country, we have celebration which called Idul Fitri or we called in Bahasa as Lebaran. Lebaran in Indonesia is a very important festival, traditionally all Muslim people travel back to their hometown, well-known as Mudik or Pulang Kampung. So it is customary for children at that time to be given a small amount of money. Some families make special food, which is called Ketupat, or in English: rice cake with coconut milk, vegetables, chicken curry or beef curry. It’s very delicious. Other festivals are like in HK, we have a festival called Chap Go Meh or Chinese New Year in Indonesia. Since there is a significant number of Chinese people in Indonesia, so the Chinese New Year is widely celebrated. Similar to HK, normally we have Chinese New Year in Indonesia in March or in Full Moon Day. Like in HK, we have fun fair celebrations in many cities with lanterns, lion dancers. So I think it is very similar to HK and that’s the three major events.

印尼有很多節日活動,但我想還有另外兩個活動要與香港電台的觀眾分享。由於印尼是一個穆斯林大國,所以我們有一個慶祝活動,稱為開齋節,或者在印尼語中稱為Lebaran。印尼的開齋節是一個非常重要的節日,傳統上所有穆斯林都是回教徒,他們都會大規模地回到家鄉,我們又稱此行為叫Mudik或Pulang Kampung。而且在當日孩子們都會被贈予少量的金錢。家庭亦會製作特色食物,例如有稱為Ketupat的椰汁米糕,亦有蔬菜、雞肉咖哩或牛肉咖哩,都是非常好吃的。其他節日也像在香港一樣,我們在印尼有十五冥,即是等於中國的農曆新年。由於印尼有大量的中國人口,因此人們都會慶祝農曆新年。與香港類似,通常我們會在三月或滿月日在印尼過年。我認為這與香港十分相似,我們在許多城市都有彩燈,舞獅等慶祝活動。因此,我認為它與香港非常類近。所以這就是三大重要節日。

3) So I have been told that the Consul General has been here in HK for four months. So how’s your impression here? Is it your first time you’ve been here or you’ve been here for a few times before this mission?

我被告知總領事已經在香港逗留了四個月。 那麼,您在這裡的印象如何?您是第一次來這裡,還是在執行此任務之前已經到過幾次了?

I’ve been here for 4 months ago, this is my third assignment for my diplomatic mission. So for me and for my family, HK is a very unique city which I can call HK as “East meets West” because they have a specific characteristic. Here, we can find very traditional and nice local food, and local art also. While at the same time, without long travelling time, we can find very modern taste from around the food. Let’s say we can find French cuisine and Indonesian restaurants here. I know that we have 5 Indonesian restaurants in HK. Me and my family also like to try the new taste of food from many countries. The Chinese one I like is dim sum. My favorite dim sum is Siu Mai, Har Gow. Besides food, we can find a lot of amazing traditional art. So for your information, we have an event in collaboration with Sin Sin Fine Art that features the exhibition of our Indonesian paintings. We try to promote our paintings to HK people since I understand that there are many local and famous artists in HK, so I think it is also a good opportunity for both sides to know more and have collaborations. That’s my first impression in HK.

我來這裡已有4個月了,這是我第三次執行外交任務。所以對於我和我的家人來說,香港是一個非常獨特的城市,因為我可以說香港是“東方遇著西方”,因為它們具有特定的特徵。在這裡,我們可以找到非常傳統和美味的當地美食以及當地藝術品。與此同時,無需走到山長水遠,我們就可以找到現代美食,比方說,我們可以在這裡找到法國美食和印尼餐廳。據我所知,香港有5家印尼餐廳。我和我的家人也喜歡嘗試來自許多國家的新口味食物。我喜歡的中國菜是點心,我最喜歡的點心是燒賣和蝦餃。除了食物,我們還能找到很多令人驚嘆的傳統藝術。作為參考,我們將與Sin Sin Fine Art合作舉辦活動,並將舉辦印尼繪畫展。由於我知道香港有很多本地和著名的藝術家,因此我們嘗試將印尼繪畫宣揚給香港人,因此我認為這也是雙方了解和合作的良機。那是我在香港的第一印象。

4) Please tell us more about the national flower of Indonesia.


Actually we have three types of flowers, regarded as national flowers. First, it is the Jasmine flower. We called it Flower of Nation with a good smell. We choose Jasmine because it has become an important part of Indonesia's daily life. You can find tea and the tea here is made of Jasmine flower so that you can smell and taste. Also sometimes people use this flower when they go to special events, like putting on hair for accessories. The second flower is Moon Orchid, we call it the Anggrek Bulan. This flower is very famous and quite expensive. I saw many Moon Octrid in HK also. The third flower which is regarded as the biggest flower, is called Rafflesia Arnoldi. It is very rare and does not exist in other parts of the world but only in Indonesia. The size of the flower is very big and considered as the biggest flower in the world.

我們有三種花都被歸類為國花。第一種是茉莉花,我們稱它為“民族之花”,並具有良好的香氣。 之所以被歸納為國花是因為茉莉花已經成為印尼人日常生活重要的一部分,例如你可以品嘗到由茉莉花沖泡的茶,同樣,有時人們在參加特殊活動時會使用這種花,例如戴上髮飾。有時候人們在參加活動時會都使用這種花作裝飾,例如放在頭頂上。第二種花就是蝴蝶蘭花,印尼語稱之為Anggrek Bulan。此種花是非常有名及昂貴的,我在香港亦時常看見蝴蝶蘭花。而第三種花被稱為世界上最大的花,名叫大王花,是非常罕有,並且只能夠在印尼發現,並不存在於世界其他地方,大王花的花瓣非常巨大,所以又被稱為世界上最大的花。

The three kinds of flowers are the national flowers or only the represented flowers?


It became the national flower and there are three kinds.


5) Can the Consul General please teach us some trendy slang of Indonesia?


Before I share some Indonesian slangs, Bahasa Indonesia is very beautiful. So you can imagine if I mention Bahasa which is presenting 17000 islands and people with lots of traditional languages, we have to unite together, so that’s why Bahasa Indonesia represents the nation of the vibrant culture of Indonesian. So this one I wonder if the words you hear daily, it’s quite different because we also serve traditional languages which became the national languages, so I can share with you some slangs. First is “Lebay”, meaning exaggerated or over the top. So I give you an example, let’s say your ice cream melted under the heat, and you began to cry, then some people might call your reaction “Lebay”, so you did something which is very exaggerated. Because the ice cream melted, you don’t need to cry but you cried, the people said you are “Lebay”. And the other slang is “Baper”, which means it’s too emotional. It’s also called Bawa Perasaan, the abbreviation of Baper, so the meaning is taking everything too personally or emotional. So when someone is attentive to you, don’t get too “Baper”, or don't take it as a sign of attraction. Maybe he or she just wants to try to be close with you in a friendly way. And the last is “Kepo” which means noisy, so when your friend asks you too much, like asking personal questions and very annoying, we call it “Kepo” , so the abbreviation for Kepo is knowing every particular object.

在我分享印尼潮語之前,印尼語是一種非常漂亮的語言,所以可以想像一下,如果我說印尼語代表17000個島嶼和人民,還有許多傳統語言,我們必須團結起來,所以這就是印尼語,同時代表印尼人民充滿活力的文化之國。所以,我好奇你日常生活中會否聽到這個詞語,因為我們傳統語言亦被歸納為國家法定語言,因此我可以與您分享一些潮語,第一個是“ Lebay”,意思是誇張的。因此,我舉一個例子,假設您的雪糕在高溫下融化,然後您開始哭泣,然後有人將您的反應稱為“ Lebay”,因為您做的事情非常誇張,冰淇淋融化了,您無需哭泣,但您哭了,人們形容您是“ Lebay”。另一個語是“ Baper”,意思是指太過情感化了,全名是Bawa Perasaan,即是Baper的縮寫,是使一切變得太個人化或情感化。因此,當某人對您專心致誌時,請不要太“Baper”,也不要將其視為故意吸引人的行為。也許他或她只是想嘗試以友好的方式與您保持親密關係。最後一個是“ Kepo”-嘈雜,所以當您的朋友問你太多,問了很多個人問題並且表現得很煩人時,我們稱其為“ Kepo”,因此Kepo的意思又可以是想知道對象的每一個細節。

So these kinds of slangs are popular for years or only nowadays only?

所以這些潮語是很久以前已有,還是最近才流行的 ?

Actually it’s popular among young people, so normally we cannot use it with the older people, it’s very impolite but it’s ok to use with close friends or classmates.


夏妙然博士、印尼駐港總領事 Ricky Suhendar