There is a word that only emerged in the past three years and it's a combination of Britain and Exit, and that makes “Brexit”, the United Kingdom or England leaving the European Union, which had been a member for the past forty years. It’s very controversial and it's quite a headache, frankly speaking. Little bit about UK perhaps, because most countries are the product of histories and UK got a quite colourful history. Once upon a time we had an Empire all around the world and there is an expression that the sun never set on the British Empire. I remembered Emily Lau saying before the handover, you know why that is, it’s because the God does not trust the British in the dark. But of course that's all in the past, and the imperialism is a very controversial issue and that's in the past. There are no more British Empire. But one of the benefits is the people who live in countries which used to be connected with United Kingdom, lots of people moved to UK so UK itself is much more multicultural place than it was before, which enriches the life of the country.

Head of RTHK Radio 3-Jim Gould (香港電台第三台節目總監-高誼德)