Beneficiaries 受惠機構


Your donations will help support the following six projects: stress management service for mentally ill teenagers; relief and home improvement support for at-risk families; re-housing support for families living in subdivided units; cognitive and speech training for children with learning disabilities; life and career planning to non-engaged youths; and residential care and support for children who suspend schooling.


KELY Support Group

KELY Support Group (KELY) is a non-government funded bilingual organisation which provides support to youth between the ages of 14 and 24 in Hong Kong from Chinese-speaking, Ethnic Minority and English-speaking backgrounds. Coolminds is a project by Mind HK and KELY Support Group, aiming to improve the mental health of youth in Hong Kong through training, online resources, destigmatisation, and support for adults around them, bringing evidence-based successful prevention models from leading worldwide mental health charities to work with us in Hong Kong.

No. of beneficiaries: 1,410 people (direct beneficiaries of 1,280, indirect beneficiaries of 130)

啟勵扶青會(啟勵)屬非政府資助的雙語慈善機構,秉持以同理心、不批判、保密、融和,以及給予全面支持等核心價值,為本地14至24歲的華語、少數族裔,以及英語青年提供服務。Coolminds是Mind HK與啟勵扶青會合作的項目,引入國際認可之實證為本的預防模式,旨在通過培訓、網上資源、消除歧視等,改善香港青年的精神健康。

受惠人數: 1,410名受益人(1,280名直接受益人,130名間接受益人)

Radio 3’s Jim Gould spoke to Hanna Reidy, CEO of Mind HK, and Sky Siu, executive director of the Kely Support Group, about a joint project they are running called “Coolminds”. It’s designed to support Hong Kong’s young people in particular, by providing mental health information for parents, teachers and students.
ChickenSoup Foundation

ChickenSoup Foundation serves the most vulnerable children and their families through a collaborative problem-solving approach in private-to-public partnerships. With corporate volunteers acting as family mentors, “Project Family Cupid” aims to save at-risk families from breakage and further empower them with proactive, tailored and holistic support.

No. of beneficiaries: 20 at-risk families (about 70 people)


受惠人數: 20個高危家庭 (約70人)

The Chickensoup Foundation is able to help five thousand children of primary and secondary school age in seven underserved districts. This is partly through creating partnerships with corporate volunteers, a method also used for its Operation Santa Claus project, Family Cupid. Radio 3’s Annemarie Evans headed to Wanchai to talk with the CEO and founder of the Chickensoup Foundation, Edward Man.
Project Space

Project Space was founded by a group of architecture professionals who dedicated efforts in voluntary services. We help underprivileged children and family to have living space and hygienic environment.

No. of beneficiaries: 120 families


受惠人數: 120個家庭

Radio 3’s Annalie Chow, spoke to Frank Yau, Director of Project Space, and Ms. Wong, a beneficiary of their Home Improvement Project.
Rainbow Project

Established in 1999, the Rainbow Project aims to provide subsidized therapy treatments for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in low-income families.

Children with ASD are affected mainly in two areas; communication skills and social interaction skills. Besides having ASD, their ability to learn is also affected by conditions related to sensory issues.

Children with ASD benefit from occupational therapies (OT) and speech therapies (ST). Without access to OT/ST at an early stage children with ASD cannot attain the skills that they will need to lead a relatively independent life when they grow up. The programme will benefit 30 low-income families affected by ASD.

No. of beneficiaries: 30 families



自閉症兒童可通過職業治療與語言治療取得良好效果。缺乏早期治療的自閉症兒童, 恐怕不能達到他們長大後所需要的能力去適應獨立生活。預計將有30個受自閉症影響的低收入家庭會受益。


Joseph Li talks to Keith Lee from Rainbow Project, a learning centre that provides education and therapies to children diagnosed with autism.
FHL Adventure Education Centre

FHL Adventure Education Centre aims to help non-engaged youths to develop their potential other than academic performance. Their Programme – “Step Towards To Your New Life 2” would like to enhance “double - less adolescents” self-esteem and employment opportunities by providing training on various aspects. This project will focus on three major adventure coach certificate courses, career planning workshops, interview skills and internships.

No. of beneficiaries: 390 beneficiaries

信望愛歷奇匡導中心有限公司宗旨是為雙失青年提供協助,讓他們除學業以外,能夠發展潛能。他們的「次彩虹計劃二」 旨在加強培訓雙失青年多方面發展,提供三項主要歷奇導師證書課程、生涯規劃工作坊,面試技巧、工作實習等,幫助他們提升自信及就業機會。


Radio 3's Queenie Man spoke to Carlo Lai, Director of Faith Hope and Love Adventure Education Center; and the Center's Chief Executive Officer Sandy Chan about how their second phase of Rainbow Project has transformed the lives of young people.
Po Leung Kuk - Social Services Department
保良局 - 社會服務部

Po Leung Kuk is dedicated in providing comprehensive care to children aged 0-18 who are in need of residential services owing to family problems. Care Angels Project includes “Attachment Program” and “Joy to Learn Program”. The former aims to enhance attachment relationship between children and their carers and the latter aims to nurture children’s motivation on learning.

No. of beneficiaries: 230 children



Radio 3's Jimmy Lam went to see their resident Sandy and Service Coordinator Phoebe Wut.'