Beneficiaries 受惠機構


Your generosity will contribute to three projects that enhance the service provision for patients with special needs, support physical and mental rehabilitation and aid the elderly.


Hope worldwide

Hope worldwide is an international Christian charity that brings people and communities together to deliver sustainable and high-impact education and health services to the poor and needy. Their project - “Smile Again” Dental Care Program for People with Special Needs aims to provide sustainable, affordable quality dental care to patients with an physical and/or intellectual disability through special care dentistry training and upgrading our clinics with necessary equipment; and, free treatments to poor patients with special needs.

No. of beneficiaries: 4,000 beneficiaries



Hugh Chiverton talks to Dan and Jonathan Liu from Hope Worldwide about their project giving dental care to people with various special needs.
Art in Hospital

Art in Hospital is a community art project, started in 1994. It was registered as a charitable institution and continues its aim to serve the needed through therapeutic art creation, and promote through art a caring community and development of hospital art in Hong Kong. Their project – “Art without Boundary” is a 3-year project, aims to serves adult patients with severe intellectual disability and mentally or physically challenged in Siu Lam Hospital. Artists or art therapists will lead workshops with different kinds of art media. Special tools will be designed and created for easier use to create artworks. Exhibition and online gallery will be set after completion of workshops.

No. of beneficiaries: 720 patients and assistants


受惠人數: 720名患者和助理

Reporter Thomas Latter talks to Jaclyn Leung from ‘Art in Hospitals’ to find out more about their project ‘Art Without Boundary’.
Hong Kong Federation of the Blind

The Hong Kong Federation of the Blind is a non-profit organization formed by blind people. It was formally incorporated in 1972, with the purpose of (1) engaging in the spirit of helping others, and joining all of the visually impaired together, encouraging them to a more positive life; (2) understanding the principle of equality, and give equal opportunities to the blind in areas such as Education, Work, and Social Benefits; (3) seeking to promote and improve the welfare of the members; and, (4) contacting other visually impaired friends and other interested parties, seeking a common goal for the society.

No. of beneficiaries: 129 living alone blind elderly

香港失明人互聯會是由失明人士自組之非牟利志願福利機構,正式註冊成立於1972年,立會宗旨為:(1)發揮自助互助的精神,團結全港失明人士,鼓勵積極人生; (2)倡議以平等為原則,共融為基礎,聯合各視障人士,爭取在教育、工作及社會待遇上享有平等參與之機會;(3)謀求增進及改善本會會員之福利;以及 (4)聯絡外地失明朋友及有關團體,共謀福祉。


Radio 3’s Noreen Mir talks to Tony Shing, the executive director from the Hong Kong Federation of the Blind